Working Towards A Future Without Breast Cancer

Chances are someone close to you such as your friend, mother, wife, sister or even yourself has been touched by breast cancer in one way or another. That?s why it is so important that we never give up fighting for a cure.

Finding a cure is not impossible, but it is definitely a long, hard battle. Raising funds for the technology for early diagnosis, treatments options, and breast cancer research is vital. Education and support to breast cancer patients is also crucial for survival. That?s why the Royal Canadian Mint has produced its second color circulation coin to help support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

This special 25-cent piece coin entitled ?Creating a Future Without Breast Cancer,? displays a colored pink ribbon in its center, with three additional silver ribbons around the border. As the Royal Canadian Mint says, this coin was created as ?A tribute to courage [and] a symbol of Hope.? Thirty-million coins began their circulation in Canada on April 1, 2006.

The coins are being circulated across Canada, and Canadian shoppers could receive one as a pleasant surprise in their change at their local Shoppers Drug Mart. They can also be purchased directly from the Royal Canadian Mint?s website.

However, The Breast Site, an information portal on the topic of breast health and breast cancer decided to offer 1000 coins, one to every individual U.S. reader, who didn?t have access to the coins. On June 8, 2006 The Breast Site launched its Pink Ribbon Coin Promotion, offering the breast cancer coin to its U.S. readers for a limited time as a symbol of hope.

Well, I?m happy to announce that The Breast Site has officially sent out its 1000th pink ribbon coin! We?d like to thank every reader who filled out the online form to receive their very own free breast cancer coin. Only 1000 coins were available, so hopefully you were one of the lucky recipients who submitted your form before the 1000th coin was sent today.
Amie Cunningham, a writer for who also worked on the team that mailed out the Pink Ribbon coins says, ?It was so great to see so many men and women of all ages taking advantage of this special opportunity! It?s too bad that there were only 1000 coins available, because there were many applicants who submitted after the last coin was sent.?

Editors at The Breast Site urge readers to continue to check back for other great promotions that the site plans to introduce in the future. Cunningham notes, ?The very first Breast Site newsletter will be launched in the very near future.?

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