The Burning, Itching, Craze Of Athlete’s Foot

Trichophyton. Athlete's Foot. Tinea pedis. Well, it really doesn't matter what you call it, but what really matters is that you begin treatment as soon as this ringworm fungus decides to interrupt your life.

The soles of your feet, when bothered with athlete's foot, are assaulted with intense itching, burning and stinging. And don't think that just because you practice superb foot hygiene that you are safe from the foot fungus. Oh, no, athlete's foot affects more than seven out of ten people. Well, that about covers all of us.

Generally, athlete's foot attacks the area in between your toes. It can also get into your toenail bed. And here's the worse part, if you can't control yourself and find yourself scratching your foot and then scratch another part of your body, well, guess what, can transfer the invasion from your feet to those areas.

Here's the good news … well perhaps it is really the bad news. Athlete's foot is not just a condition battled by athlete's. Nope, athlete's foot can and does attack athletes and non-athletes alike. With the right set up, athlete's foot can invade your feet too. No one is exempt.

The athlete's foot fungus loves moist, damp, dark places. Sounds a bit sinister doesn't it? Think about where you might find these areas. Well, community gyms, shared locker rooms, the running shoes you insist on wearing every day are perfect fungal loving places. Yes, all of these are just right for the set up for athlete's foot.

The ringworm fungus can most definitely be spread from one person to another by simple contact with the fungal hosting object. But here's the deal, unless that fungus has the appropriate environment to live, grow and breed in then it will simply lie harmlessly dormant.

If you are unfortunate enough to have an athlete's foot attack, then you can expect to see flaky skin, blistered skin, cracking skin and yes, even peeling skin. Disgusting? Yes! But unfortunately those are the facts.

This little beast of a foot condition can be especially frustrating since it can be tough to completely eliminate. Treatment can be long and it has to be consistently performed.

So if you want to avoid athlete's foot then stay away from the perfect little breeding grounds for this ringworm fungus that can leave you with a base case of itchy feet!

Just get over it! Beat back athlete's foot before it makes you crazy!

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