Skin Care Techniques – ?personal Skin Care? Is A Practice

Everybody knows that ?personal skin care? has a great significance. Different people have various views regarding ?personal skin care?. Some people are of the opinion that visiting beauty parlors every next day will give personal skin care. However, some think that only by applying a lotion or some cream on their skin frequently gives personal skin care. Also, it is mere an episode for some people that occurs either once in a month or a year. Yet others keep themselves engaged in ?personal skin care? every time. However, taking the benefits of personal skin care into consideration you can see that it is neither that costly nor complicated. It is following a procedure or a routine to attend the needs that your skin requires.

Before you start the ?personal skin care? you need to know the type of skin that you have i.e. whether it is sensitive, dry, normal or an oily skin and then choose the skin care product based on the skin-type. Initially, you have to experiment some skin care products. Given below is the routine for a person with normal skin-type.

The first step in the routine of personal skin care involves ?Cleansing?. The main ingredients in a cleanser are wetting agents (surfactants), water and oil. Surfactant and oil draw oil and dirt from the skin and after that water flushes out, hence cleans your skin. But, you have to experiment some cleansers before you decide which one is best for your skin. You should prefer cleansers that are soap-free. Also, use warm water to cleanse your skin (cold and hot water might harm your skin). However, don?t cleanse your skin too hard otherwise it would damage the skin.

The second step in the routine of personal skin care includes exfoliation. The skin undergoes a natural process in which it eradicates the dead skin cells and changes them with new cells. Exfoliate is only a way that facilitates your skin in this procedure. The dead skin cells don?t react to any kind of personal skin care thereby consuming the skin care products, thus, prevents them from undergoing new skin cells. So, it is very essential to eradicate the dead skin cells so as to use the skin care products effectively. Hence, after cleansing follows exfoliation. It is important to know how mush exfoliation is required when you go for any kind of personal skin care. Exfoliate 1-2 times weekly for sensitive/dry skin and 4-5 times weekly for normal/oily skin. In humid and hot weather exfoliate for more time.

The next step in the routine of personal skin care involves moisturizers. This can be considered as one of the very significant processes of personal skin care. Yet an oily skin-type requires moisturizers. Moisturizers not only draw the moisture content from the skin cells, also intake moisture from atmosphere when required. The excess use of moisturizers may blog the skin pores and results in damaging your skin. When you use moisturizer, within one week you will understand the amount of moisturizer that is required by the skin. It is better to apply the moisturizer when the skin is damp.

The last step in the routine of personal skin care involves sunscreen. Many moisturizers and day-time creams are available with dual benefits as they have both the moisturizing property and protection from UV radiation. Such type of moisturizers can be used in any time in any weather (cloudy or sunny).

Again try the different products in this type of skin care, also the quantity you want to use. The best result that you will get from is the best recipe for your personal skin care. In case of any skin disorders, it is advised to visit a dermatologist before applying any kind of products for personal skin care.

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