Manifestation Of Bowel Cancer

Bowel cancer is the mainly a very critical disease. These types of disease occur in intestine. It can be in lower intestine or can be in the upper intestine. The bowel cancer is an asymptomatic disease but by regular checkups it can be identified. The manifestations of bowel cancer shows as the symptoms are thin stool, stomach pain or crumply, red bloods on the poop etc. In the term of medical, it can be said that the bowel cancer shows maximum symptoms of the colorectal cancer. The main symptoms of this cancer are, found in the blood in the toilet paper, abdominal pains, which vigorously tremendous crimpy and often changes the bowel habits. The respiratory problem also found in the cancer attacked persons.

The problem in the bowel system is very much embarrassing that anyone can step back. Actually many attacked person can't decide what to do. They feel themselves in horns of dilemma to take an advice from the doctor. But doctors always assure that the early diagnosis of these types of disease can be cure able by modern medical technology. The colorectal cancer causes due the lack of bloods which is known as anemia in the victim's body. This is the first symptom of the victims who are asymptomatic from this disease. Especially this disease occur the form of small colon tumors or tumors in the abdominal part of the body or in thin intestine.

There are also many types of symptoms can be found in the victim's body, those are newly developed diarrhea, constipation, rectal pressure, or a change in stool caliber etc. These symptoms may resemble those of other bowel disorders such as diverticular disease, irritable bowel disease, or inflammatory bowel disease. More advanced colorectal cancer also possess unexpected weight loss. The aproximal colon cancer defines tumors in left side of the body and causes obstructive symptoms earlier in the disease. The stool in the distal colon becomes solid. It creates uneasy to pass easily through a narrowed lumen, and right sided tumors can grow into advanced disease and remain asymptomatic.

In a majority of the cases it's found that the age of the bowel cancer victim is above 45 years. It causes mainly to the alcoholic drunker, smoker. There are also many causes those are inflammation and obesity. Routine screening should begin at age 45. Although there are published screening guidelines, colonoscpoies are usually performed in clinical practice in place of sigmoidoscopy. But sigmoidoscopy may mistake up to 50% of accuracy. The primary major primary step is to accomplish the process of sigmoidoscopy and then opt for the next one. After getting any positive result should be followed by a colonoscopy. Physical examination is usually followed in early colorectal cancer. In advanced colorectal or bowel cancer shows of bowel obstruction, hepatomegaly, or ascites.

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